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Amazing Jewish Women of The Villages

In July 2017, four Jewish women went out to dinner and posted a picture on Facebook. From that one post, Jewish women throughout the Villages commented, saying they would like to be part of a dinner outing. They were happy to find that there were otherJewish people living in the Villages and wanted to meet each other.


Ellen Faulkner, the club founder, formed a dinner group open to any Jewish Villager. The group would be then known as Amazing Jewish Women of the Villages. Each month, a rapidly growing group met at various dinner venues in and outside of the Villages. The group's popularity quickly multiplied and a Jewish holiday celebration dinner for Rosh Hashanah, Chanukah, and Passover was added.


By late 2018, the once small circle of dining out friends morphed into a group of several hundred women. In July 2019, Amazing Jewish Women (AJW) became an official Villages club. The club now meets monthly on the fourth Monday of each month. Jewish holiday celebrations are held at varying locations, in addition to monthly meetings. Other activities of the club include Jewish book club, lunches, good  and welfare (charity) and social events.


Are you an Amazing Jewish Woman? This club is for women who share a cultural background and like to be with like-minded women. We enjoy dining, socializing, and  feeling comfortable with others at this stage of life. Many women do not have families with whom to celebrate holidays, so AJW is determined to make all Jewish women feel welcome. In this unpredictable world we live in, it is especially important that we are united, thus our motto “We Need Each Other”. If you want to be with friendly, welcoming, energetic women, then AJW is for you!

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